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DBType Attribute

The dbType attribute of SchemaSpy informs the system what types of database it will be analyzing and documenting. Out of the box, SchemaSpy supports a large list of JDBC compliant databases.

The following Database Types are supported by SchemaSpy out of the box:

Type Description
db2 IBM DB2 with 'app' Driver
db2net IBM DB2 with 'net' Driver
derby Derby (JavaDB) Embedded Server
derbynet Derby (JavaDB) Network Server
firebird Firebird
hsqldb HSQLDB Server
informix Informix
maxdb MaxDB
mssql Microsoft SQL Server
mssql05 Microsoft SQL Server 2005
mssql-jtds Microsoft SQL Server with jTDS Driver
mssql05-jtds Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with jTDS Driver
mysql MySQL
ora Oracle with OCI8 Driver
orathin Oracle with Thin Driver
pgsql PostgreSQL
sybase Sybase Server with JDBC3 Driver
sybase2 Sybase Server with JDBC2 Driver
udbt4 DB2 UDB Type 4 Driver

List Taken From SchemaSpy Homepage on 6/1/2009

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  • I have received some reports that the Microsoft Sql Server jdbc drivers are not as good as the jtds drivers. If you would like to use them the jtds drivers can be found here.

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