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Port Attribute

The port attribute provides the network port to connect to the database with.

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  • While Microsoft Sql Server's default port is 1433, if the server is installed as a named instance, the port will no longer be the default port number. In order to find the proper port for Sql Server 2005 and greater named instances, the below steps should help you identify the proper dynamic port to use.
  • Open the Sql Server Configuration Manager application (either through the Programs Menu or a MMC Snap In)
  • Expand the Sql Server 2005 Network Configuration element
  • Click on the Protocols for "INSTANCE" where "INSTANCE" is the name of your named instance
  • In the right pane, double click on TCP/IP
  • In the TCP/IP Properties dialog that appears, click on the IP Addresses tab.
  • Towards the bottom of the IP Addresses tab, you'll find the TCP Dynamic Ports value to use for SchemaSpy

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